The autumn term of ARTS opens with a grand party which is familiarly known as StartARTS!. StartARTS! has been organized since 2012 and its name is a great innovation of Anna Merikari’s, who worked as TOKYOs executive manager back then. Main responsibility of organizing this celebration lies on the shoulders of the board member taking care of the sector of new students and tutoring.

The event is a part of orientation week and because of that the first part of it takes place in the daytime and is meant for the new students. When the sun goes down the doors are opened also for the representatives of senior classes

In nutshell one could say that the idea of StartARTS! is to bring the old and new students together to talk, laugh and generally have a good time. Also, the theme of upcoming Arabia Maskerad is normally revealed in this magnificent party.

Pictures from StartARTS! can be seen in the picture gallery.