Me a tutor? Hell yeah!

ARTS tutor recruiting has started!

We are recruiting new tutors 10.3. – 28.3. Join in because we want you!

As a student tutor you play an important role supporting the new ARTS students in the beginning of their studies. You’ll be the first one to get to know the new students and help them start their journey in ARTS! Join us, continue the tradition and have lots of fun!

As a tutor your role is f.e. to help the new students to get to know Aalto and ARTS, advise them on practical issues and take part in organizing events for new students. You will be taking care of a group of about 8 students, with the help of the responsible tutor of your department and the tutor coordinator of ARTS. Your participation is most needed during the orientation days and autumn, but be prepared to support your group until the end of spring!

You’ll get a tutor training organized by AYY and the university (on 12.4., 13.4., 3.5. or 4.5.). In addition to that there will be training for just ARTS tutors in May (the exact time will be announced later).

Applying is easy! Send a short application with a title “Tutor application” to larissa.haggren(a) Remember to mention your name, contact information and your schooling program. Deadline for the applications is March 28th. Also, if you have any questions, you can send them to the same address.


In addition to the student tutors we are also recruiting five responsible tutors, one for each department. Their role is to take care of organizing the tutoring in their own department together with the tutor coordinator of ARTS. You can apply for the position of a tutor and a responsible tutor, but you can only be chosen for one.