Poster Competiton ° Maskerad 2023

The biggest ARTS party of the year needs an equally amazing poster. Maskerad celebrates TOKYO’s 62nd birthday in the most artistic way, with a glamorous and extravagant themed costume party.
TOKYO is now looking for someone to visualize “Cryptids of the Palace” into a poster. The posters will be one of our main advertising tools for the Maskerad and will spread far and wide around our campus and other locations. Once a Maskerad poster is printed it will forever remain as an archived piece of TOKYO’s history.
You can find out more about maskerad history here.

You can get inspired with the moodboard but feel free to let your imagination run wild:

Contest rules:

1 Contest duration and right of participation

The contest begins on the 23rd of June and ends on the 31st of July at 17hrs. All students of Aalto University have the right to participate in the contest.

 2 Submissions

Submit your poster proposal via This Form. You will be asked for your personal details on the form.

Attention:: The attached PDF of the poster should not have any personal details, as the proposals will be processed anonymously.


3 Framework for the Poster

Size: A2 with 3 mm bleeds

Technique: free

Info the poster must include:

–          Maskerad 2023 (name of the party)

–          Cryptids of the Palace (the theme of the party)

–          11.11.2023 (the date)

–          20-late (the time)

–          Vanha Ylioppilastalo (the venue)

–          XX€/XX€ (placement for ticket price, TOKYO members/nonmembers,  price announced later)

–          Place where to add sponsor logos

–          Place where to add performing artist names


The posters will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

–          Communicates the theme of the party in an exciting and clear manner

–          Uniqueness of the idea

–          Overall coolness


4 Choosing the winner

The winner will be chosen via an online vote, by TOKYO members, during 21.08 – 31.08. The winners will be notified personally, but the final poster will be revealed later to the general public.

In the case of a tie, the TOKYO board has the decisive vote.

5 Contents of the design work

Once the winner is decided, they will be in charge of finalizing the poster (adding sponsor logos, performers’ names, etc.) and a Facebook-banner for the Maskerad party fitting to the look of the poster. Sizes for these will be provided by TOKYO.


6 Rewards

For their design work the winner (1st place) will receive a reward of 150€, two (2) tickets to the Maskerad party & bonus.

The 2nd place winner will get 50€ and two (2) Maskerad tickets, and the 3rd place winner will get two (2) Maskerad tickets.


7 Schedule

23.06 Competition opens

31.07 17:00 Deadline for the submissions

21.08 – 31.08 The winner is decided by TOKYO members via online voting.

01.09 Poster competition winners are announced at StartARTS party and all applicants are reached out to.

15.09 Final poster and Facebook banner must be sent to TOKYO.


8 Other things to consider

If you have questions regarding the competition, please contact communications Zina Marpegan through mail ([email protected]) or telegram (@algoasi).

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