TOKYO Christmas Sales 26-28.11. in Väre, Aalto University. Table sale starting tomorrow (11.11.) at 12.00!

Our legendary Christmas Sale is coming home this year to Väre for three days, 26.-28.11.! Table sale is starting tomorrow (11.11.) at 12.00 in our Holvi online store

ARTS students can buy a table for 50€ and we also have limited spots for alumni for 80€ (Note that you still need to be a TOKYO member). The exact spots for sellers at the sales will be distributed randomly through a raffle. The sales areas are divided between 1st floor and G-floor exhibition and public areas in Väre (pictures of locations will be in store page tomorrow). All tables are sold for all three days, a table can be shared between multiple sellers (please mention all sellers in this case when buying spot).